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Find An Excellent Managed Service Provider For Your Business

managed service provider

managed service provider

Today Managed services are just not about Infrastructure management but also about managing resources well for the client. Managing the infrastructure and supporting the business elements of multiple clients with different service elements & different service level agreements, different hardware and varied software packages is always a challenge. High performing organizations in this business are aimed to be good/stable partners in course of time.

However the challenge in the industry of managed services is still about getting the right resource who understands the profile and enjoys doing what he/she is doing. In most cases, matching profiles with the skill sets is always a hitch for HR departments as they fill positions based on key words of the job that is described in front of them. This does not work every time as 7 out of 10 times, this approach is bound to fail.

Technology Outsourcing as a managed service provider can only work well for a service provider when they understand the proper skill sets that are required for the profile. Just filling positions for a position does not make managed services easier. It takes proper scrutiny to understand the position and to bring in the right person from the job market.

Managed service providers take a lot of risks in owning up support functions without understanding the depth of what actually is required for the client. The right mix of people, processes, applications & technology to run a successful managed service operation. Just benching people and laying out a menu across does not make any business successful.

Understanding the service provider is essential and their hiring process, especially the way in which the ball is rolling and the attrition it faces currently. If the system is working well, attrition is generally is less than single digits, that’s a positive key for success. Clients/customers need to clearly define as always there is a mismatch to what they expect and what the service provider delivers especially in the first few years of business. Important is that communication is clear in terms of profile and how the same is going to be managed by the managed service provider. Flightcase does all the required tests of fitness before moving ahead with any client.

Importance of outsourcing services in the recent companies

Outsourcing Services

It is often seen in the big companies that these companies need an outsourcing services when they are running the company. These services are the proper networking services, which the company needs to have the proper network connections in the company. There are many companies which provide these kinds of services. The main interest of providing this service is to satisfy the client. These companies also manage the accounting and the data analysis task which the companies have. They maintain these operations daily and provide the right interface for entrepreneurs, carriers and the corporate companies, from the domain of different services.

The service which the company takes from the outside is sometimes very helpful to them. These outsourcing services have a vast knowledge on the system tools and on all the networking solutions which help the companies in the several ways. The service which they provide is fully a technical service. The people who work over there are so technically sound that whenever the companies face some networking problem then they take the help from these networking people. To run a good company it is very obvious that you should have a good networking service in your company. If you don’t have them then you will face many types problem which will lead your company to run through losses.

How these outsourcing services work

When you will be having the problem in the network then the first thing which you would do is to contact with the best networking service provider. They will help you and they will solve your problem. Sometimes they solve the problem from their own office by taking the internet protocol address of your company’s main computer from which all the important transactions takes place, or sometimes they go to the office to solve the problem. They basically try to solve the problem in the short time so that you can start the work very soon. They try to make your work more relevant and cost effective. These outsourcing services help the companies very much. They try to solve your problem in such a way so that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money. Thus if your company falls any networking problem then you can contact with these service. You can get the names of these companies in the internet.

What is a managed service provider?

The main work of the Managed service provider is to decrease the cost of the operating expenses of the companies. They mainly give importance to the service which they will provide to their client will be in low cost but the service will the best service. They only want to satisfy their clients. The setup which they use provides the best client support which is needed to succeed in this competitive market place. There services are managed by the Professionals and they always tend to give the superior service. The managed service provider is very important to look after the whole networking services.

Why to hire Managed Service Provider and IT managed services for the business?

Before trying to understand the benefits derived from Managed Service Provider and IT managed services, it is very much essential for the entrepreneur to know as to what managed IT services are all about. When an organization subscribes to managed services, the service provider is said to manage the network applications and equipment on the premises of the customer. This is in accordance to the terms of service level agreement that has been established towards meeting the unique business requirements of the organization. Some managed services get hosted, which means that service provider hosts equipments within the facility rather than that of the customer and tries to deliver services to the employees of the company over WAN.

Handling complications in changing IT environment

With IT services environment changing at a constant pace with further expansions and upgrades, it can become quite complex for any organization to manage by its own. Therefore, considering the business responsibilities, there is a need for highly available non-IT and IT infrastructure for powering the business without gaps present in operations and with real time, uninterrupted flow of information within the organization. For this, the IT strategy is required to be aligned directly to the business strategy and it is what the managed IT services would be doing to help the business.

Moreover, managed IT services do allow the business to have IT operations to be offloaded to the service provider, which is termed as managed services provider. This provider is said to assume continuous responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution 24 hours for IT systems within the business.

Enjoying benefits

These days, most IT companies have been promoting managed services, since it places IT support organization on similar page as the business which they have been serving. For medium and small sized business, managed services can provide capabilities that are of enterprise class for predictable monthly fee, but without needing huge capital investment. Organizations that outsource IT functionalities end to enjoy higher network availability and support, enable internal IT employees to concentrate on strategic activities rather than on network support and to pay for networking services which is required.

Other aspects

Managed service also is quite responsible towards finding and fixing issues, much before it affects the business in a negative manner. Proactively serviced and well maintained computer network would run much better. Having proactive network monitoring, desktop optimization and patch management performed on regular basis, the business is sure to notice tremendous difference in regards to operations and the entrepreneur is sure to reap in the benefits, by preventing long term problems, instead of fighting them.

Apart from this organizations are also in a position to control and diminish their overall operation expenditure with flat rate billing model. Getting cost effective access towards enterprise level support can be a reality by hiring such support services. The provider also manages effectively all the vendor relationships, problems with net outages/slowness, phones, printers, websites, cell phones, etc., all of which are dealt directly with the vendor by a managed service provider.

What is the buzz in the IT managed services arena?

IT managed services

IT managed services

As the trend of outsourcing IT activities to expert solution providers increase worldwide, new companies are entering in the arena with a variety of innovative things. Competitive spirit drives the market and everyone tries to give something different and special to the clients. Of course, there is a considerable cost involved in the whole activity, but clients are ready to spend for the convenience and peace of mind they get. There is no need for them concentrating on IT related stuff and there is ample time available for the core business. Today, the market of IT managed services has spread across the globe. It is a trend not only in developed countries, but developing and evolving markets as well. Countries like India and China offer a lucrative market for Managed Service Provider companies.

2015 seems to offer a plethora of new things in the niche. Market announcements vouch the fact:

  • The first enterprise split billing solution has been announced by Good Technology. As per the company it is the pioneer in the field with such a versatile and effective solution is available for pilot deployment on Android and iOS platform as of now. The development is going on for many other variants as well. In the new version, they have resolved the shortcomings of the earlier version regarding non-reimbursement of work-related data usage on the personal device. With the newly introduced robust and useful split billing module, they will be able to cater the complex requirements of corporate.
  • There is good news from Data Dynamics, a well-known name for storage management solutions. The company announces terrific growth in 2014 from versatile storage management solutions for hybrid and private cloud environments. The company says that out of total revenue, more than 95 percent is contributed by the channel. Hence, there is a scope for rapid expansion.
  • As more IT Managed services use cloud technology, network bottleneck is a common phenomenon. Currently, it is difficult to measure it, but the task becomes simple with a new tool designed by Google (beta has been released by the company so far). The technology giant announces that the new tool allows clients to find out the reasons of slow request processing. Detailed report tells application wise usage and the time spent on the cloud internet.

There are a number of forecasts and predictions around about what will happen at the technology fron in the coming months? Well, since the market of IT managed services is quite diversified clients can expect a lot of excitement there. According to some experts, there will be a large-scale migration to the cloud computing. Hence, each Managed Service Provider tries to achieve high levels of competency in the particular area. Remote monitoring and management become easy by cloud technology. As it becomes difficult to maintain IT systems in-house, the majority of companies seek expert service providers who can do it effectively and efficiently. Since the cost reduces remarkably by using new-age cloud computing, it is easy to manage top and bottom lines.

Why Outsourcing of IT brings phenomenal business benefits

IT managed services

IT managed services

Telecom Management Services India have expanded manifold in the last three decades. Due to increased usability of telecom services and flexible government policies, they could offer effective services at affordable prices. However, ever-changing technology and increasing operating costs threw incredible challenges as well. They had to evolve with innovative cost-saving solutions for managing top and bottom lines. Outsourcing non-core business a niche to an expert service provider is a popular one.

It is a cost-saving affair

The trend of outsourcing IT activities has increased in the recent years. It is a paradigm shift from a totally in-house IT scenario. Though it started with big players initially, today many medium and small businesses assign it to core IT management support vendors. There is certainly the advantage of service, but business owners are on for it due to one more important reason; it is a cost-saving affair.

Since Information Technology is a core technical area, it needs constant investment for upgrade or maintenance. High attrition of employees and frequent changes in the core technology makes it difficult to cope up with the performance pressures. System downtime is another risk that is directly related to the insufficient infrastructure or a lack of skilled resources. Hence, they prefer hiring IT Managed services from a professional service provider.

Business scenario has changed phenomenally

The scenario of Telecom Management Services India has changed greatly in the last decade. Today, service providers follow a flexible and bespoke approach instead of traditional rigid model. Thus, not only large companies but small and medium companies also get benefited. Since they offer IT management solutions to multiple clients, they can cut corners wherever possible. They can afford 24×7 services to the clients and increase operational efficiency by minimizing downtime. Service providers deploy necessary infrastructure and skilled resources to cope up with increasing needs of their clients. They appoint the most-skilled personnel. With a versatile and multi-skilled team, they achieve the most optimal resource utilization.

Enhanced customer care

Today, IT Managed services are being offered by companies that are well-versed with the latest technology. With high-level problem-solving skills and IT management they analyze user requirements well. They communicate well with their clients and keep them delighted with the services.

Critical aspects of outsourcing

Outsourcing IT is a complex task that needs a focused approach and logical perspective. There are a few vital elements:

  • Know the business objectives and challenges first. You must know what is hindering from good performance? If the challenges are known, then solution can be determined.
  • Look at the financials first. Outsourcing needs a lot of money initially; the expenses get compensated in the long run though. It is viable only when Return on investment (ROI) justifies it.
  • Planning and analyzing the right solution: The process needs critical planning. Defining the basic requirements and assessing the right service provider are two critical activities.
  • Signing the deal: Once everything is in place, now it is the time to sign an outsourcing contract with the service provider.