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Why IT Technical support is the future of Customer Service

Technical Support

In the recent years there has been a general anxiety that has settled over the IT industry. At the end of the 90’s IT requirement in the industry boomed and companies were ready to pay anything to get the right skilled resource on-board. And this was majorly due to shortage of skilled resources in thinly-stretched job market.Due to major productivity improvements in the 90’s, majority of the companies  started investing endless amounts of money at the IT projects with the strong belief that technology is the only way to sort all the shortcomings and increase profit margins. This led to the crashing and burning of a lot of very large and expensive IT projects. But there has been a major shift in the growing IT trend due to the higher availability of skilled IT professionals.Lot has changed in the current setup like moving from traditional software to web or internal servers. Many growing conglomerates have gained thorough understanding of the technology and have upgraded their software to for higher productivity.

It has been noticed that technical support has been showing remarkable growth for the past decade. With the shrivelling cost of intercontinental communication, companies have made a strong strategy of migrating phone and online customers to the most efficiently cheap service providers like Flightcase. India being high in skills and low in cost is proving to be the hub for providing the best IT technical support to the large to small scale companies. Very recently, Philippines has taken over as one of the best geographies offering IT technical support to companies in terms of added benefits and significant cost reductions.

Majority of the companies in software and telecom domain have now discovered the option of fetching the advice from the experts on the IT technical support at a fraction of the price they usually were charged with the advantage of the skilled resources who speak the same language as theirs. Such experts are their outsourcing partner who take care of their networks and provide IT technical support to the best of the efficiency.

If we consider the smart approach now to IT support we can easily understand that these days customers are prevalently looking for 2 things:

  1. In the currently growing economy, the major focus of any customer is finding ways to save operational cost.
  2. However, at the same time they are looking for maximising the IT investment they have made in order to support their business

These factors being very obvious these days, there is a creative approach in order to meet the above two objectives and it is all about how well one understands the criticality of the IT systems along with the components in relation to the business. The level of services offered will be totally in proportion to the criticality of the IT system. Hence, the experts who cater to companies with their IT technical support should follow this approach in order to help companies save on their operational cost.

With the growing technology, the tech support industry is constantly evolving in line with the changing customer expectations. There is a shift from call-wait ship model to on-demand service model and this is solely due to customer’s demand for instant support. As per the traditional model of tech support a customer needs to follow the cycle of calling and waiting for getting the required assistance and that gets frustrating for such customers who fall in remote areas where service centers are not located in close vicinity. However, many companies have now helped to adopt the remote technical support to help customers enjoy on-demand support that is generally delivered through an advanced IoT platform like Digital Service Cloud powered by knowledge infused support automation. This support is delivered through advanced user interfaces that have the capability to deliver service usually through a single click experience. This in turn reduces the friction in the overall customer experience.

Why outsourcing NOC is essential?

24 / 7 outsourced noc services

With the technology going beyond limits, today outsourcing the NOC services to other vendors is the demand of the situation. If a business has to function smoothly and flawlessly increasing its profit margins, unique IT department is required. Any business now is majorly dependent on the IT tools and techniques that help companies to reduce workload as well as time. This in turn leads to the costs of the business operations go down increasing the productivity.

A NOC is nothing but a remote location from the client’s destination performing the role of monitoring and fixing of all the IT and network issues of the client. A NOC centre is equipped with all the latest monitoring applications and IT tools that are very efficiently made in use by the network administrators and other IT engineers in the NOC.

Based on the different projects in the network operations center, the varied team of IT technicians are being aligned as per their skills and competencies. When the NOC is outsourced to the efficient vendor like Flightcase, it acts like a defence mechanism for the network devices that are a major part of the client’s network infrastructure.We assist our clients in saving them from unauthenticated users and hackers who generally try to create IT issues in the client’s network. In order to protect the system from any damage when any unauthorized user who tries to access the system, our skilled engineers prevents their access so as to stop the issue before it damages the client’s business operations.

Also our NOC team performs when the network of the client goes down leading to the downtime to their business. They proactively monitor, scan and fix the issue throughout the day 24×7 so that 100% uptime of the system is assured causing no harm to the client’s business operations. One of the benefits of NOC outsourcing lies in the fact that the date of the clients can be stored in their data centers as well that will in turn help them if their physical location is being destroyed due to any natural calamity. In such a scenario, they can easily fetch out their critical data from the NOC’s servers and get operational from any other physical location so that no or minimum loss is incurred. These technically sound NOC engineers work like an extension to the IT setup of the clients that enables the clients to get enough time to concentrate on their core business and add upon to the productivity of the company.

If we talk about the outsourcing business, in the recent years the business of Managed Service Providers have grown many folds and many companies that usually were low in funds encountered a difficult challenge to operate a NOC providing 24×7 service. Precisely, outsourcing NOC for the tasks of alert management and routine maintenance that Managed Service Providers face to a skilled NOC comes with multiple advantages.For any company big or small, outsourcing their NOC operations is no longer a choice. All MSPs now are heavily dependent on the NOC that they have opted for to meet their requirements. The tasks could vary from performing routine maintenance task to the flawless alert management that needs technical expertise in order to handle such critical projects. The growing technology along with maintaining growth is the major challenge being faced by MSPs today that has led to the overwhelming growth of NOC outsourcing. These major challenges to the MSPs are sorted by remote management and monitoring 24×7 that helps client’s networks get technical assistance all the time at a very much reduced cost.

Organizations are increasingly delegating control of their network including carrier services and service management to third party vendors due to their financial needs, competitive IT managed services market, and enhanced remote network management tools along with demanding business requirements. Also, a holistic outsourcing model allows organizations to better allocate their internal resources as per their skills on their strategic projects to add value to their core business functions.

Do Small Businesses Need 24X7 Network Monitoring and Backend Support

backend support service

backend support service

Network monitoring and efficient backend support form the backbone of any company, whether it be a small or a large scale enterprise. It helps an organization to provide services to its customers without any interruptions and proactively act on the issues by continuous monitoring that may lead to fatal errors in the systems.

Does Small Business need a professional Network monitoring and backend support?

  • Need for Expansion

Most small companies think that their internal IT team onlyshall be enough to handle the monitoring and the backend support and there is no need to stretch it to a 24X7 mode. This is where they go wrong. Yes, in one sense, they may be right as according to the current number of customers, they might be able to do away with only the day monitoring however in order to expand their services in the future, a 24X7 model is required.

  • Decision

Now the second question arises, whether to increase the internal capacity of the IT team or outsource it to a professional network monitoring service provider. While increasing the capacity of the internal IT team, the FTEs will have to be increased and the expenditure of the resources, in terms of facilities, housekeeping as well as security would also increase however when you decide to outsource it to a service provider, you actually pay per seat. At a substantially lower cost, the service provider would be able to provide you an efficient support.

  • Outsource it before it gets too late

Around 30-40% of the IT product companies shut down because they fail to provide efficient after sale services to their customers. Gradually as the traffic/customers increase for your website/product, the need for proactive monitoring and a highly skilled backend support team becomes unavoidable. The companies which fail to understand the need, are left behind and lose the market share in no time. Therefore it is rightly said, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore look for a professional backend support service with a trustworthy third party service provider.

How is Network Monitoring Done at the Outsourced Provider End?

There are multiple activitiesas a part of network monitoring service that is done to make the parent company’s after sales service efficient:-

  • Performance management of the network is done proactively
  • Troubleshooting is performed at Level ½ on various platforms like TDM, Fiber, VOIP, RF as well switches
  • Handling Incident as well as request tickets of all severities and resolving them in the shortest possible turnaround time
  • Configuring, monitoring as well as testing WAN or LAN equipment and switches
  • Dealing with third party vendors to resolve the issues.
  • Managing SIP/IP protocols
  • Firewall monitoring is done to check for any vulnerable attacks that may happen from an external source. It helps in making the system immune to all external infections
  • Packet sniffing is a method that is deployed by the service providers where the irregularities in the information that enters and leaves the system is tested.
  • Analysis, as well as preparation of the weekly report of the system health, is done.

After going through the above-mentioned activities it seems that going for an outsourced service provider for a small company is a clever idea. It will aid in exponentially expanding the customer base without worrying much about the backend issues.

Emerging need of MSPs in IT Industry

Managed IT supports services

Due to the skill shortage that is currently prevailing in the IT sector, many bigger enterprises are shifting their IT security that is one of the major chronic problem in IT employment.

Companies now are witnessing a major shift towards managed services. Even in the case of very large organizations wherein earlier following the traditional approach appointing a large IT security staff was feasible as they could very well afford to pay pretty good wages to their employees. Even such big players are now facing challenges in filling up those positions. It is often observed that dealing with the IT security internally can often be a challenging task since it majorly requires people to possess both technical and business skills.

The roles in the IT security are not limited to just being technical. The IT folks are supposed to be confident enough to be able to talk to the business. Hence, for such situations companies need to have people who can talk both technical and business since they are usually the bridge who translates between how a problem is being defined technically and then in order to justify the ROI or the risk he is able to articulate the same to a business. Due to these reason only experts have tagged managed security business as the fastest growing business in the current scenario.

It is evidently realized by the businesses that it takes multiple bits of technology to run IT security and it is not mandate that it will always work out. In order to handle that companies generally assign people to manage that while they respond to the threats.

It is observed that the companies are selling more to the Managed Service Providers around which firewall they use, which architecture they use than they are to the end-customer. The expectation is because of the smaller scale of the market, they might have shifted their quicker. It is advisable to enterprises that they should not outsource their IT security completely, though adoption of a hybrid approach will be much more beneficial. It simply means that companies will have such people who are really smart business people and who can help in identifying the risk in the business, articulate it and at the end purchase those skills in.

A question that comes to mind while talking about the managed services is:

“What value can a MSP add to a business that already has a good IT support in place?”

Today, most companies generally seek help in maintaining their IT systems. Irrespective of which industry they belong to, they tend to rely on IT to get their jobs done. It is for the simple reason that they very well understand that it is far more economical and efficient for companies to outsource their IT support requirements to an expert like Flightcase IT Services than the effort and cost it involves if they decide to set up their own team of IT support staff.

With this increasing trend there are thousands of IT support companies being established with its hub in India due to the availability of skilled resources available in the geography. They are dedicatedly offering Managed IT supports services to companies of all sizes and industry.  With the numerous support services expert emerging into the market, the business owners are faced with the challenge of choosing the best IT partner for their business.

Now the question is that why a business should consider upgrading from a small IT supports company who has given them best of their service to a Managed Service Provider. The reason lies on the way they function. While a support company will only react to the issues as and when they occur. However, a Managed Service Provider focuses on taking time in understanding the customer’s business and skilfully identifies areas that need their assistance in improving their productivity. Such kind of proactive network monitoring and management are generally expensive and difficult to employ for smaller organizations but they collaborate with efficient managed service providers so that they reduce user downtime by pro-actively identifying and removal of IT threats before they occur. Precisely MSP delivers true value to their customers in terms of increased productivity.

NOC / Help Desk Outsourcing – Why essential?

NOC / Help Desk

Maintaining PCs & servers & routers & switches are becoming all the more tedious. All customers want their equipment to work as tools are there but managing them is a challenge with technology pacing up.

24×7 monitoring can always be a challenge and one looks for alternatives. Being an ISO 27001 secure conscious company always helps as clients look upon for their data security and MSPs which focus on that always is a plus. New customers want focus and need 24 x 7 support service is essential, although it requires sufficient number of personnel to be focusing. Managing SLAs as per client needs and improvising that part beyond client expectations is the way forward to impress upon client. Flightcase in particular aims to improve upon with the right talent for the client, provide aggregation of client’s business. Our Engineers get trained all the time with different network/switches, their scalability is phenomenal and can mould into any kind of monitoring setup.

One generally tends to provide value addition to their value assets so as to ensure we drive logic and drive their business in the right direction. We are very transparent to ensure that clients know what we do and secure their business, outsourcing is as secure as running it themselves. Apart from the dollar saving, the coverage is wider and clients love the fact that they are well covered; sometimes beyond 24 x 7. Attitudes of the OUTSOURCED NOC / HELPDESK are very positive and encouraging to its customers and ensure language barriers are taken care off with improved. Accents are converted with efficiency n commitment to resolve customer issues.

Being an ISO 27001 COMPANY, data security comes packaged and secured for the client. All measures are taken to ensure smooth functioning and MSP is capable to deal with any hacking or information leakage.

Cost efficiency & capacity planning/integration come with improved knowledge and professional approach of its techs/engineers. If retention is positive to retain the best of talent, that’s always a positive for the MSP which always aims to retain and develop growing talent within the Organization. Technologies are changing and business needs focus to innovate and its always best to outsource NOC and Helpdesk to specialists. Skill sets and efficiency levels is what clients look at and that’s where Flightcase trains/provides and environment where its talent force work on asset-able expert who can be a plus to what he/she does from time to time. Leveraging an environment for a trust worthy setup makes it all different, makes outsourcing NOC more reliable and safe for progressive clients

Rajeeb Ghosh