Concerning Divide in the Indian IT Industry

by admin, September 16, 2019

The Indian 21st Century IT infrastructure & software capabilities is well known worldwide, with digital technologies emerging for the future bring AI, Analytics, Automation, cloud, cyber-security, mobile and so forth, all forecasting a GROSS VALUE ADDITION of over $205 Billion in 2025 or roughly twice of $117 achieved in 2017-18. … Continue reading

Managing Services with a Difference

by admin, September 3, 2019

  Applying tools as per client’s needs is just a step towards offering a differential to our clientele. Helping customers with our pioneering expertise of over a decade in Network Operations has become a habit , die hard ritual which has given us the privilege to support clients unconditional in … Continue reading

How NOC / Helpdesk Outsourcing Helps Companies to Capitalize?

by admin, July 17, 2019

  Multinational clients which have a global outlook are seriously looking to outsource IT infrastructure services especially NOC, Engineering & Helpdesk. Primarily this helps clients to save up to 66% of their Capex utilization allowing them to focus for more innovative areas which will give them leverage for the next … Continue reading

NOC Support- the essentials!

by admin, July 12, 2019

  NOC Support- the essentials! In today’s, rapidly technology changing environment organizations are spending a lot on IT where they should be investing more on core business goals. In this scenario maintaining system and keeping it up 24/7 NOC is a great choice for many leading players. But what is … Continue reading

Network operations outsourcing practice and AI based solution.

by admin, June 10, 2019

Network operations outsourcing practice and AI based solution. Outsourcing Telecom network operations is very popular as the next gen network increase in cost effectiveness and future focus. A successful execution should be inclusive of specific plan. Outsourcing is the desired solution to manage the increasing complexity of next-generation network operations, … Continue reading

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