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Emerging need of MSPs in IT Industry

Managed IT supports services

Due to the skill shortage that is currently prevailing in the IT sector, many bigger enterprises are shifting their IT security that is one of the major chronic problem in IT employment.

Companies now are witnessing a major shift towards managed services. Even in the case of very large organizations wherein earlier following the traditional approach appointing a large IT security staff was feasible as they could very well afford to pay pretty good wages to their employees. Even such big players are now facing challenges in filling up those positions. It is often observed that dealing with the IT security internally can often be a challenging task since it majorly requires people to possess both technical and business skills.

The roles in the IT security are not limited to just being technical. The IT folks are supposed to be confident enough to be able to talk to the business. Hence, for such situations companies need to have people who can talk both technical and business since they are usually the bridge who translates between how a problem is being defined technically and then in order to justify the ROI or the risk he is able to articulate the same to a business. Due to these reason only experts have tagged managed security business as the fastest growing business in the current scenario.

It is evidently realized by the businesses that it takes multiple bits of technology to run IT security and it is not mandate that it will always work out. In order to handle that companies generally assign people to manage that while they respond to the threats.

It is observed that the companies are selling more to the Managed Service Providers around which firewall they use, which architecture they use than they are to the end-customer. The expectation is because of the smaller scale of the market, they might have shifted their quicker. It is advisable to enterprises that they should not outsource their IT security completely, though adoption of a hybrid approach will be much more beneficial. It simply means that companies will have such people who are really smart business people and who can help in identifying the risk in the business, articulate it and at the end purchase those skills in.

A question that comes to mind while talking about the managed services is:

“What value can a MSP add to a business that already has a good IT support in place?”

Today, most companies generally seek help in maintaining their IT systems. Irrespective of which industry they belong to, they tend to rely on IT to get their jobs done. It is for the simple reason that they very well understand that it is far more economical and efficient for companies to outsource their IT support requirements to an expert like Flightcase IT Services than the effort and cost it involves if they decide to set up their own team of IT support staff.

With this increasing trend there are thousands of IT support companies being established with its hub in India due to the availability of skilled resources available in the geography. They are dedicatedly offering Managed IT supports services to companies of all sizes and industry.  With the numerous support services expert emerging into the market, the business owners are faced with the challenge of choosing the best IT partner for their business.

Now the question is that why a business should consider upgrading from a small IT supports company who has given them best of their service to a Managed Service Provider. The reason lies on the way they function. While a support company will only react to the issues as and when they occur. However, a Managed Service Provider focuses on taking time in understanding the customer’s business and skilfully identifies areas that need their assistance in improving their productivity. Such kind of proactive network monitoring and management are generally expensive and difficult to employ for smaller organizations but they collaborate with efficient managed service providers so that they reduce user downtime by pro-actively identifying and removal of IT threats before they occur. Precisely MSP delivers true value to their customers in terms of increased productivity.

NOC / Help Desk Outsourcing – Why essential?

NOC / Help Desk

Maintaining PCs & servers & routers & switches are becoming all the more tedious. All customers want their equipment to work as tools are there but managing them is a challenge with technology pacing up.

24×7 monitoring can always be a challenge and one looks for alternatives. Being an ISO 27001 secure conscious company always helps as clients look upon for their data security and MSPs which focus on that always is a plus. New customers want focus and need 24 x 7 support service is essential, although it requires sufficient number of personnel to be focusing. Managing SLAs as per client needs and improvising that part beyond client expectations is the way forward to impress upon client. Flightcase in particular aims to improve upon with the right talent for the client, provide aggregation of client’s business. Our Engineers get trained all the time with different network/switches, their scalability is phenomenal and can mould into any kind of monitoring setup.

One generally tends to provide value addition to their value assets so as to ensure we drive logic and drive their business in the right direction. We are very transparent to ensure that clients know what we do and secure their business, outsourcing is as secure as running it themselves. Apart from the dollar saving, the coverage is wider and clients love the fact that they are well covered; sometimes beyond 24 x 7. Attitudes of the OUTSOURCED NOC / HELPDESK are very positive and encouraging to its customers and ensure language barriers are taken care off with improved. Accents are converted with efficiency n commitment to resolve customer issues.

Being an ISO 27001 COMPANY, data security comes packaged and secured for the client. All measures are taken to ensure smooth functioning and MSP is capable to deal with any hacking or information leakage.

Cost efficiency & capacity planning/integration come with improved knowledge and professional approach of its techs/engineers. If retention is positive to retain the best of talent, that’s always a positive for the MSP which always aims to retain and develop growing talent within the Organization. Technologies are changing and business needs focus to innovate and its always best to outsource NOC and Helpdesk to specialists. Skill sets and efficiency levels is what clients look at and that’s where Flightcase trains/provides and environment where its talent force work on asset-able expert who can be a plus to what he/she does from time to time. Leveraging an environment for a trust worthy setup makes it all different, makes outsourcing NOC more reliable and safe for progressive clients

Rajeeb Ghosh


Network Monitoring to manage your cloud

Network Monitoring

Along with the network monitoring assistance on various devices, Flightcase also assists its clients with the technical support services allowing them to deliver the highest level of service while lowering costs to their business. When the clients look for technical support, they need it in the minimal time so that it doesn’t hamper their business.

There are ways to reduce the support requests and time spent on it. One can never encounter a situation where support requests are completely eliminated. But one can work around the same to minimize the number of requests and reduce the time taken in dealing with them. And we focus our services to be customer centric and deliver results in the least time possible.

With the changing technology, most of the companies are increasingly adopting their reliance on the cloud services and this had led to the drastic change in the IT environment that is way beyond the imagination of the successors of the enterprises. This can benefit network monitoring changing the network’s classical meaning and proving that network monitoring is an imperative step towards moving to the cloud.

Network Monitoring is an important aspect ensuring that the company’s performance is well maintained as their entire networks are being monitored continuously for the smooth functioning of their business operations. But if we look at cloud computing in that regards, we get to know that no longer companies have a fixed set of assets that has to be operational and performing to the best of their abilities all the time. But ear is now for on-demand computing wherein resources needs and capacity do vary depending on the demand.

If we talk about the traditional network implementation, the major focus of the network and application monitoring remains on the availability and performance of the network and server infrastructure. The network devices generally include routers, switches and firewalls that are usually monitored with a Network Management System that uses traditional protocols such as SNMP, ICMP and WMI in order to accumulate performance statistics. Various tasks involved in advanced management systems include network device discovery and mapping, network device performance monitoring, real-time intelligent alerting and reporting, application monitoring and many other features that aids in the process of monitoring and managing the performance of the networks.

With the cloud network being introduced in the picture, lot many additional significant extensions are added like the performance of the company’s ISP (WAN) and its cloud provider. As a matter of fact it is known that both the company and the cloud provider are strongly linked via WAN, hence it becomes imperative to monitor its performance. However, monitoring WAN performance is just not enough. It needs to be followed by understanding the company’s network traffic. So it is important to be known that who is using the network traffic, how much is it being used and what is it being used for. So we can say that the focus of network monitoring in a cloud environment faces a drastic shift from managing infrastructure to managing service availability and performance. Hence, it can easily be stated that one of the big advantages of cloud computing is not only outsourcing the provision of a scalable, enterprise grade network, but also the necessity to monitor and manage it as well.

Doing the right thing is very important to achieve great results. Similarly, network monitoring will not give results if right things are not being tracked. The usual areas that are considered while examining are bandwidth usage, application performance and server performance. It is a fundamental task to monitor the traffic on which all other network building and maintenance tasks are heavily dependent upon. It generally focusses on resources that support internal end users. Hence, network monitoring systems are expected to evolve to oversee an assortment of devices like Blackberry, Call Phones, Servers & laptops, Routers and Switches.

There are few network monitoring systems that come with the automatic discovery. This solely means that these systems have the ability to continuously record devices as and when they are added or removed or have undergone any configuration changes. These tools are capable of segregating devices dynamically. It is obvious that one gets to know from such tools in real time that what is being deployed, automatic discovery and categorization of segments that surely helps companies to plan their growth. In addition to these, they also help in pinpointing the problems.  It can be estimated that if all the devices at a certain location are underperforming, there is a possibility of a resource management problem to be addressed to.

We as a Managed Service Provider assure our clients to deliver the best of our network monitoring services so that they may never or least encounter their networks to be down.