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Why would you want to outsource your Network Support?

network support services

The technologically advanced times of today demand businesses to invest in robust tech and network support services. It is a pressing responsibility on companies to keep their computer networks, hardware systems and software programs up to date. Any technology-reliant company is expected to give utmost importance to its network maintenance, security and support services. Remote network support and monitoring services too are critical areas which needs closer attention by companies. Remote monitoring is the ideal means to be in control of your business.

You know your business cannot do without strong network support

Is your business cybercrime proof? Growing e-commerce and boom in business globalization has been keeping companies on their toes when it comes to IT security. The need to regularly update and upgrade business operations with reliable IT security and network support services is the new priority of today’s internet based businesses.

As businesses of all sizes feel the heat of global competition, maintaining superior quality remote network support and monitoring services is a must for long term business sustenance. Entrepreneurs and management teams may feel inclination towards in-house route. But managing network support by themselves can be hazardous to SMEs and startups. Businesses that are not prepared to handle such crucial responsibilities should avoid doing things internally.

You do not want to bear the cost of an underutilized IT support staff

If you are a growing business then does it make sense to waste money on hiring and retaining an in-house IT support staff? No. Outsourcing your tech issues to a network support services provider would relieve you of the considerable salary cost. Full-time compensation along with other benefits is a value high enough to diminish your business profits. Engaging a third party company will give you delightful cost benefit as you will only have to pay for issues as they appear.

You know that network equipment maintenance cost can be a burden

A major issue that technology based companies face is the recurrent outage of the same network equipment within a year. It is superbly easy for a seasoned network support services provider to identify defective equipment. Once the faulty equipment gets detected the service provider can replace it with a superior one to prevent further outages.

You do not want to overburden your core IT team

If your IT team has to fix network issues or maintain servers then possibly you do not expect them to concentrate on primary projects and roles. With all those hectic, time-taking activities your IT professionals will stay occupied for most of their work hours.

A professional network support and management services company completely undoes such pressure on in-house IT team. Your techies will be better able to focus on significant projects and business activities that will facilitate your business growth. An outsourced IT support partner can take care of tasks like on-site computer repairs and updates, office network installation and repair, emergency data recovery, VPN solutions, full network refresh, and re-rack of a network device.

Why IT Technical support is the future of Customer Service

Technical Support

In the recent years there has been a general anxiety that has settled over the IT industry. At the end of the 90’s IT requirement in the industry boomed and companies were ready to pay anything to get the right skilled resource on-board. And this was majorly due to shortage of skilled resources in thinly-stretched job market.Due to major productivity improvements in the 90’s, majority of the companies  started investing endless amounts of money at the IT projects with the strong belief that technology is the only way to sort all the shortcomings and increase profit margins. This led to the crashing and burning of a lot of very large and expensive IT projects. But there has been a major shift in the growing IT trend due to the higher availability of skilled IT professionals.Lot has changed in the current setup like moving from traditional software to web or internal servers. Many growing conglomerates have gained thorough understanding of the technology and have upgraded their software to for higher productivity.

It has been noticed that technical support has been showing remarkable growth for the past decade. With the shrivelling cost of intercontinental communication, companies have made a strong strategy of migrating phone and online customers to the most efficiently cheap service providers like Flightcase. India being high in skills and low in cost is proving to be the hub for providing the best IT technical support to the large to small scale companies. Very recently, Philippines has taken over as one of the best geographies offering IT technical support to companies in terms of added benefits and significant cost reductions.

Majority of the companies in software and telecom domain have now discovered the option of fetching the advice from the experts on the IT technical support at a fraction of the price they usually were charged with the advantage of the skilled resources who speak the same language as theirs. Such experts are their outsourcing partner who take care of their networks and provide IT technical support to the best of the efficiency.

If we consider the smart approach now to IT support we can easily understand that these days customers are prevalently looking for 2 things:

  1. In the currently growing economy, the major focus of any customer is finding ways to save operational cost.
  2. However, at the same time they are looking for maximising the IT investment they have made in order to support their business

These factors being very obvious these days, there is a creative approach in order to meet the above two objectives and it is all about how well one understands the criticality of the IT systems along with the components in relation to the business. The level of services offered will be totally in proportion to the criticality of the IT system. Hence, the experts who cater to companies with their IT technical support should follow this approach in order to help companies save on their operational cost.

With the growing technology, the tech support industry is constantly evolving in line with the changing customer expectations. There is a shift from call-wait ship model to on-demand service model and this is solely due to customer’s demand for instant support. As per the traditional model of tech support a customer needs to follow the cycle of calling and waiting for getting the required assistance and that gets frustrating for such customers who fall in remote areas where service centers are not located in close vicinity. However, many companies have now helped to adopt the remote technical support to help customers enjoy on-demand support that is generally delivered through an advanced IoT platform like Digital Service Cloud powered by knowledge infused support automation. This support is delivered through advanced user interfaces that have the capability to deliver service usually through a single click experience. This in turn reduces the friction in the overall customer experience.