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What Our Client Say About Us

Our Clients Is Our Force to Reckon, We are because of the strength of Our clients who have grown over the years from 32% to 135% and we certainly only take the pride of being a part of their success.

C H , Director OP INC
C H , Director OP INC Confidentiality Maintained
“On Behalf of OP Inc., We Would like to express our appreciation for Flightcase and their excellent service. They have always been committed to providing us with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and it was a pleasure working with Flightcase.

We were proud to have Flightcase as part of our team and would highly recommend them for their services.”

E G, MPCG Ltd Confidentiality Maintained
“I would like to take this opportunity to commend your firm and team for the 8 years of service you provided to our company. Your firm and team's effective management and diligence to meet our needs and expectations allowed us to deliver exemplary services to our customers.

Your staffing services delivered professional members to support our needs and ultimately our customer’s needs. Your services demonstrated integrity, prompt professionalism, commitment and dedication to our clients enabling us to continue our business growth.”

C M, VP, TES INC Confidentiality Maintained
“We would like to applaud the excellent customer service we received from flightcase over the years when they handled our customer/support operations for our team.

They did an excellent job in managing our domestic base and retaining their overall confidence your service delivery and adaptation to the persistent needs of our telecom operations has been superior.

We wanted to especially thanks you for the efforts.”

K M, VC LLC Confidentiality Maintained
“Appreciation for your exceptional service. your team is on par technically and operationally to anyone back here in the states and we have been very pleased with the support we are receiving.

I also want also mention that the internal training provided has helped in boosting confidence for the team.

Flightcase deserves the acknowledgement of its well monitored services provided to us which has resulted in cos savings and allowed us to sustain our place in the market.”

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U.S. Facility Based Carrier seeking Voice based access to and through the U.S.

U.S. Competitive Long Distance and Mobile Carriers, routing traffic on LCR engine

Empowered Non-Facility Based Network company with specific carrier agreements and ensuring least cost routing requirements for its customers

Leader in the telecommunications market delivering flexible and effective solutions to carriers, businesses and homes

Native IP service based company based in Middle East offering VOIP servicesto their respective customers worldwide

Client Interconnects IXC’s, CLECs, ISPs and VoIP providers with their customers who are in international voice and data traffic

UK based Services Product company which offers its customer support on Billing & Customer Interfacing through us

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