• Ample Power Back Up. (Uninterrupted power supply) and generators
  • 10 MVA MSEB Sub-Station with direct grid supply
  • Separate trenches for electrical & communication cabling
  • Independent earth in pits for each floor. Separate pipes for electrical & communication
  • Special Ducts inbuilt at different locations for electrical cabling, network cabling, A.C.piping etc

Telecom Support


  • Radio Frequency (R.F.) Tower ready with clear line of sight to VSNL / STPI Earth stations.
  • Easy access to Connectivity
  • Special underground pipeline laid for Telephone cable
  • Redundant Fiber Links to TATA and Airtel
  • High Available IP based PBX/ACD with servers in multiple cities



  • Continuous English language training classes to staff in order to improve communication, listening skills, defining skills
  • Provide on the job training to technicians new to the Flightcase organization for appropriate skill-level
  • Dedicated training rooms setup in a classroom setting
  • Vendor cross training: ex. Cisco, Unix, Nextone, etc

Managed IT Support

In-house IT Support

  • Inhouse support for Desktop, Phone, email and Internet
  • Phone service for inbound 800, US based DID’s, outbound calling including International billed at actual usage

Air Condition

Air Conditioning

  • Fully Air Conditioned premises


Infrastructure Management

  • Remote facilities, recruiting, retention and governmental regulations are all managed by Flightcase

Customer Service

Fully Branded Dedicated Service

  • Phones answered per script provided by customer
  • Uses your email addressing schemes
  • Uses your tools and ticketing system

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