by admin, November 16, 2020

Outsourcing Services


Today Managed services are just not about Infrastructure management but also about managing resources well for the client. Managing the infrastructure and supporting the business elements of multiple clients with different service elements & different service level agreements, different hardware and varied software packages is always a challenge. High performing organizations in this business are aimed to be good/stable partners in course of time.

However the challenge in the industry of managed services is still about getting the right resource who understands the profile and enjoys doing what he/she is doing. In most cases, matching profiles with the skill sets is always a hitch for HR departments as they fill positions based on key words of the job that is described in front of them. This does not work every time as 7 out of 10 times, this approach is bound to fail.

Technology Outsourcing as a managed service provider can only work well for a service provider when they understand the proper skill sets that are required for the profile. Just filling positions for a position does not make managed services easier. It takes proper scrutiny to understand the position and to bring in the right person from the job market.

Managed service providers take a lot of risks in owning up support functions without understanding the depth of what actually is required for the client. The right mix of people, processes, applications & technology to run a successful managed service operation. Just benching people and laying out a menu across does not make any business successful.

Understanding the service provider is essential and their hiring process, especially the way in which the ball is rolling and the attrition it faces currently. If the system is working well, attrition is generally is less than single digits, that’s a positive key for success. Clients/customers need to clearly define as always there is a mismatch to what they expect and what the service provider delivers especially in the first few years of business. Important is that communication is clear in terms of profile and how the same is going to be managed by the managed service provider. Flightcase does all the required tests of fitness before moving ahead with any client.