Five Attributes for a Successful NOC

by admin, June 4, 2020

Five Attributes for a Successful NOC

  1. Managing/ Owning Client’s/Customer Culture & Vision

Managed network operations will run successfully if ultimately we be responsible for business staying online and operational at all times; ideally wanting to work not just as a short-term supplier or vendor, but as a long-term partner of progress for your customer. This depends on the provider’s business culture being well-aligned to yours, and its vision being committed to forming long-term relationships.

2. Adopting to Technology for NOC

Our engineering skill sets and experience makes the most difference and the technology expertise available around, will have a direct and significant impact on the usefulness of your customer or provider. Assessing your strengths of your NOC line engineers that are available is very important, as well as which partnerships and certifications the provider holds with vendors like Cisco or Juniper – all should be related back to the technology apart from your unique infrastructure which is worthy to hold. A good managed network service provider should be capable across different technologies and able to adapt to what their customers are already using.  Having diagnostic tools and processes to enable them to see problems quickly from customer’s perspective, apart from finding the root cause analysis.

        3. Controlled APIs & SLAs

Measurements in NOC support to track performance over time is all important aspect apart from continual performance improvement. With good communicative & qualified engineers working around a good environment, there is no reason why one should not be able to set and achieve ambitious targets for achieving SLAs and KPIs

         4. Be Proactive to Environment

NOC Services requires spontaneous reaction to problems and solutions need to be found instant, apart from following standard procedures. Aim to assess your problems, before they occur and aim for continuous improvement towards business continuity & strategic vision. A managed network services provider who believes in work ethics, makes customer be confident of working with a truly long-term partner, who can make a definite positive impact on your business bottom line

          5. Be Flexible to Change

New users and applications which keep coming around are added to your network is a crucial capability for an effective managed network operations provider. Modelling your changes are very important, managing frameworks should result in a detailed explanation of how they are chosen, why, and how it works in practice. Ensure that the chosen strategy can integrate seamlessly with a flexible change option which doesn’t affect your NOC Framework and one needs to respond rapidly to any other adjustments. Look for a strategy that includes a realistic timeline, rigorous testing, and a comprehensive post change report.