Helpdesk & IT Support – Need of Hour to Impress

by admin, November 18, 2019

Helpdesk & IT Support – Need of Hour to Impress

Flightcase IT Support


Managed IT support is the heart of any Organization that wants to grow its business. Aligning its services with their strategic business goals of its customers is core, supported by a comprehensive service delivery model is essential and is important for business enhancement. Ignoring this consumer-facing service can lead to pull down and downtime of business.

IT issues take time, which also costs money. A Pager Duty survey found that 38.4% of organizations that take more than 30 minutes to resolve IT incidents see an impact on consumer-facing digital services. Moreover, nearly one-third of departments regularly affected by technical issues say that an hour of downtime costs those $1 million or more.

AI based platforms are being created in market place like Move works to automate support issues. It’s after all, more beyond resolving IT tickets, quickly and with minimal disruption to employees’ day-to-day routines. Understanding issues can be complex if people are not trained enough and there is need for workflow automation which facilitates dashboards for decision making.

Installing, configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks. Monitoring & Managing Networks, Covering Applications of various domains /verticals.. are all a symbolic representation of IT or Support for our customers worldwide

Flightcase IT Support Services covered for our customers are:

Hardware or Software Support Services

Applications of Multi-Vendor / IT Support Services covered are:

Financial and Accounting – Applications or otherwise

IT Operations

Network Operations….et all.