by admin, November 27, 2020



Telecom Management Services India has expanded manifold in the last three decades. Due to the increased usability of telecom services and flexible government policies, they could offer effective services at affordable prices. However, ever-changing technology and increasing operating costs threw incredible challenges as well. They had to evolve with innovative cost-saving solutions for managing top and bottom lines. Outsourcing a non-core business a niche to an expert service provider is a popular one.

It is a cost-saving affair

The trend of outsourcing IT activities has increased in recent years. It is a paradigm shift from a totally in-house IT scenario. Though it started with big players initially, today many medium and small businesses assign it to core IT management support vendors. There is certainly the advantage of service, but business owners are on for it due to one more important reason; it is a cost-saving affair.

Since Information Technology is a core technical area, it needs constant investment for upgrade or maintenance. High attrition of employees and frequent changes in the core technology makes it difficult to cope up with the performance pressures. System downtime is another risk that is directly related to insufficient infrastructure or a lack of skilled resources. Hence, they prefer hiring IT Managed services from a professional service provider.

Business scenario has changed phenomenally

The scenario of Telecom Management Services India has changed greatly in the last decade. Today, service providers follow a flexible and bespoke approach instead of the traditional rigid model. Thus, not only large companies but small and medium companies also get benefited. Since they offer IT management solutions to multiple clients, they can cut corners wherever possible. They can afford 24×7 services to the clients and increase operational efficiency by minimizing downtime. Service providers deploy the necessary infrastructure and skilled resources to cope up with the increasing needs of their clients. They appoint the most skilled personnel. With a versatile and multi-skilled team, they achieve the most optimal resource utilization.

Enhanced customer care

Today, IT Managed services are being offered by companies that are well-versed with the latest technology. With high-level problem-solving skills and IT management, they analyze user requirements well. They communicate well with their clients and keep them delighted with the services.

Critical aspects of outsourcing

Outsourcing IT is a complex task that needs a focused approach and a logical perspective. There are a few vital elements:

  • Know the business objectives and challenges first. You must know what is hindering good performance? If the challenges are known, then the solution can be determined.
  • Look at the financials first. Outsourcing needs a lot of money initially; the expenses get compensated in the long run though. It is viable only when Return on investment (ROI) justifies it.
  • Planning and analyzing the right solution: The process needs critical planning. Defining the basic requirements and assessing the right service provider are two critical activities.
  • Signing the deal: Once everything is in place, now is the time to sign an outsourcing contract with the service provider.